Placement Test (for new students):

If you know any Hebrew, you need to take a free placement test, so we can determine your written and oral levels. The test dates are posted on the website (and updated monthly). There is no need to register for the test.


You may register in person or by phone. To reserve a spot in a class, you need to pay for at least one month.


To reserve a spot in a class, you will need to provide the voucher from the Absorption Ministry (Misrad haKlita) and your Teudat Oleh.



We accept NIS cash and all credit cards.

Please read the cancellation terms

There are 3 ways to pay for a course:

  1. Pay for the whole course (with a discount of 25%)
  2. Pay per month
  3. Pay for the first month and then for 4 months (with a total discount of 25%)

The fees do not include the textbooks. They can be purchased at the office.


Address: Ulpan Gordon, 7 Lassalle Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 63409
Telephone: 03-522-3181 (+972-3-522-3181 for international calls)
Fax: 03-524-2884
We apologize in advance if our phones are busy, please try again or email us.
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