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Ulpan Placement Tests:
The Ulpan office, classes and tests are currently working entirely online and all classes are taking place via e-learning until further notice.Placement tests for new students will take place online.

Prospective students who would like to take a test should write to: wgwrdwnh@gmail.com

Please include your first and last name, your ID or Passport #’, your phone number.
It is important!! Please indicate if you have voucher from Ministry of Absorption or not.

Take care and stay healthy
The Ulpan Staff

What is special about us?

Wide range of class levels, as well as conversation classes and classes for senior citizens (that take their special needs into account).

We offer classes in the morning, afternoon and evening – ranging from 6 to 25 hours weekly, as well as summer courses.

Assessment tests are held twice a week, year round, allowing each student to be matched to the appropriate level and shortening the wait time for joining a class.

Excellent learning conditions: All classes are air conditioned, spacious, with wi-fi and modern teaching aids. In addition, the Ulpan has a luxurious hall, an elevator, a cafeteria at subsidized prices, a well-manicured garden and more.

Do you want to talk to us? Do you have any questions?

Learning levels:

Learning levels:
Choose the route that works best for you, with the personal support and guidance offered by our team.

Levels A-E

Conversation class

Classes for senior citizens