Dear Students,
We would like to inform you that the Goldstein Goren Center – Gordon Ulpan has made changes and adaptions aimed at making our services accessible to people with disabilities .
Accessibility of the building as well as to the entrance:
The path to our one entrance is fully accessible without steps, and includes a special railing.
There is also appropriate access to the administration, secretaries, cafeterias, executive offices and classrooms.

Public Transportation: From the bus stop at Ben Yehuda, which is the closest stop to the Ulpan, there is an accessible path to the Ulpan.
There is an parking lot adjacent to the ulpan which is intended only for staff and those with disabilities. Students who need parking are welcome to contact our accessibility coordinator, whose details appear below. Our coordinator will be glad to help you access this special lot.
Our staff is prepared and ready to be available to applicants with any inquiries or requests regarding accessibility issues . The staff is alert and very sensitive to the issue and does its utmost to provide all our visitors with accessible and efficient service .
Our Ulpan has an elevator which reaches all classrooms. We have 19 classes in total. Our elevator is also suitable for wheelchairs.
The elevator also can sound out which floor it is accessing, as well as the rooms and services (cafeteria, offices etc.)
Telephone and Internet service
Our phone is 03-522-3095. In addition , people with disabilities who are unable to speak on the phone are welcome to contact us via the following email : [email protected] Or via the ” Contact Us ” form on our website .
Website – is written and ‘speaks’ in 4 languages: Hebrew , English , French, Russian, and thus fully accessible.
Frontal service – accessible service positions
The guard’s area, the reception and registration area in the secretariat are accessible to people with disabilities . The guards and secretaries will be happy to help with any request.

In our ulpan, there are many open spaces and waiting areas with wheelchair space. There is access to food, water facilities, as well as tables and computer stations with accessible heights to enable accessible learning and relaxing.

There is a special accessible bathroom on each floor (3). One is located on the ground floor and two first and second floor.

Other Helpful Services
If you need assistance when you arrive, the guard can help or contact someone who can be of further assistance. For example, the guard will be happy to connect the person in need of escorting with the accessibility coordinator or replacement.
We will be happy to provide assistance in providing details about the studies , or registering. If you need help to carry items, please, please indicate this when you arrive.
Accessibility Coordinator
Our Accessibility Coordinator at Studio is Mr. Yossi Cohen. He would be glad to handle any request concerning access to our building as well as any service. Suggestions to improve your experience at our Ulpan and Center are welcome.
To contact Yossi,
Phone 052 : 3170450
E-mail ” to :[email protected]
Yours, The Ulpan and Center Team