Levels of Study

Level  A-B

Basic Hebrew – starting from the very beginning.

  • Speech: The lessons are dynamic. The students start talking and using useful words from everyday life, as from the first lesson. The course gives functional daily communication skills.
  • Grammar: Learning the verb system (*) with emphasis on the active conjugation structures, sentence structure, prepositions, adjectives, possessive case etc.
  • Reading comprehension: Reading and writing. Reading from – text books, easy Hebrew newspapers and other educational texts.

The taught material is being rehearsed also in the computer room.


Classes of 25 hour/week for 5 months                  learn 3 sections  A, A+ and B

Classes of 16 hour/week for 5 months                  learn 2 sections  A and A+

Classes of   6 hour/week for 5 months                 learn 1 section  A or A+ or B


Level A

Focuses on the verb system in Present Tense and the verb form in the source.

Level A+

Students appointed to this level are –

Either: Non-Intensive Level A in Gordon Ulpan,

Or:  Having a command of Hebrew reading and writing and knowledge of Present Tense and verb form in the source.

Level A+  focuses on conjugating the verb in Past Tense.

Level B

Students appointed to this level have studied Level A intensive, Level A+  and have a command of Hebrew reading and writing with knowledge of Present and Past Tense;

Level B focuses on Future Tense.

Level C

Revision of material studied in Level A-B.

  • Speech: Dynamic lessons in which the students express their views in Hebrew discussions.
  • Grammar: Improving the knowledge of active structures and learning of the passive structures. Various pattern of sentences, adjectives etc.
  • Reading comprehension: Reading of medium level texts from study books, easy Hebrew newspapers and other suitable texts.
  • Viewing and listening comprehension: Viewing news broadcast and other programs from the Israeli TV.
  • Introduction to Israeli history and tradition.

The taught material is also being revised in the computer room.

Level C+.

Students appointed to this level have studied in non-intensive Level C  but have not mastered the verb passive structures and sentence structure.

Classes with less than 25 hour/week will be divided into two levels: C and C+ in order to cover the material (in the two courses).

Level D

  • Reading comprehension: High level Hebrew articles from University text books and newspapers (“Maariv”, “Yediot Ahronot”) that enrich the vocabulary.
  • Watching and listening comprehension: Recorded news broadcast and other programs from the Israeli TV.
  • Grammar: Expanding the knowledge of – prepositions, synonyms, complex possessive case, conjugation (especially use of passive structures), strengthening the command of syntax, genre of speech, correct writing and spelling.

Level D+

  • This level is a continuation and more advanced level than D.
  • Class work will include supervised guided reading of high level texts. The vocabulary will be further enriched and the grammatical work will include various kinds of sentences, prepositions, connecting words and coherency in speech.

Level H

  • Reading comprehension: High level texts from the written media (focusing on review and editorial articles from “HaAretz” newspaper) and advanced passages of study books, from both Hebrew and translated literature.
  • Grammar: Focusing on grammatical topics arising from texts read in class, broadening and deepening the knowledge of grammar, concentrating on synonym words and phrases, genre of speech, writing and correct spelling.

Special Course for Advanced Students (H+)

The course is aimed at graduates of the Ulpan basic classes and others who are interested in improving their knowledge of the Hebrew language and its culture.

Studies in this course are divided into several units:

  1. Syntax topics on an advanced level and revision of consonants, vowels, verbs, letters with special functions and indications (11 out of the 22 in the Hebrew alphabet).
  2. Reading Hebrew literature (Poetry and Prose) and newspaper articles. Various linguistic and thematic topics with reference to historical and current events.
  3. Functional correspondence (official letters, CV etc.) as well as guided free and creative writing over subjects raised in class.
  4. A glance at the Biblical world: Encounter the contents of the Book of Books, Biblical language and its impact on contemporary speech. Reading from “Genesis” and other selected chapters dealing with – Leadership, Women, Treatment of strangers etc.

Improving the Language – Conversation

The course is aimed at those wishing to improve their ability to express themselves.

Special Classes for Senior Citizens

The Ulpan allocates special classes for senior citizens – level A and onwards. The studied material is identical to the one taught to the younger students but the teaching method is more suitable to mature students (more rehearsing, further drilling etc.).