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How do I register?


You need to request a voucher from the Ministry of Absorption (Misrad HaKlita) This voucher will allow you to study for free at the Ulpan, at any level.

Please bring your Teudat Oleh and the voucher when you register at the Ulpan.

The Absorption Ministry tel: 1599500901



Please bring a passport when you register at the Ulpan.


For all students:

– If you are a beginner, you may register at the Ulpan office.

– If you know any Hebrew, you need to take a (free) placement test, so we can determine your level and place you in an appropriate class.

The dates for the placement tests can be found on our website.

There is no need to register for the test.


We accept credit cards, cash and differed payments (tashlumim)

Textbooks can be purchased at the Ulpan Office

Ulpan Gordon, 7 Lasalle Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo 63409

Tel: 03-522-3181 or 03-522-3095

Fax: 03-524-2884

You can click here to contact us:


News & Updates

  • The Ulpan is operated by the Municipal Department for Adult Education and the Educational Institutions Society.

  • “Gordon” Ulpan for teaching of the Hebrew language is located in 7, Lasallest., Tel-Aviv, in a building that belongs to the Municipality of Tel-Aviv.

Placement Tests Time

  • ראשון  03/12/17   17:00
  • חמישי 07/12/17   09:00
  • ראשון  10/12/17   17:00
  • ראשון  17/12/17   17:00
  • חמישי 21/12/17   09:00
  • ראשון  24/12/17   17:00
  • חמישי 28/12/17   09:00
  • ראשון  31/12/17   17:00
  • you don’t need to sign-up to the test just to show up